Self-Ligating Braces

Deshmukh Orthodontics offers high quality orthodontic products made by the trusted global company, 3M Unitek™. The advanced Smartclip™ self-ligating braces make appointments shorter, appointment intervals further apart, and reduce friction so teeth move into their correct position faster. Traditional braces use tiny metal wires or elastic bands, known as ligatures, to secure the archwire to teeth. Elastic ligatures can become stained, stretched, or broken requiring additional visits to the orthodontist for replacement. This can be tedious and uncomfortable, as well as time consuming. The elastic ligatures can also be difficult to clean because they retain food particles. Both metal and elastic ligatures cause friction on the archwire, which makes teeth move slower, thereby increasing treatment time.

There are two types of self-ligating braces - SmartCiip™ (metal} and Clarity™ SL (clear}. The clear Clarity™ SL braces are the perfect aesthetic choice if you want your braces to blend in with your smile. Both styles eliminate ligatures all together. Instead, they use nickel-titanium clips to hold the archwire in place and offer comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. This significantly minimizes friction and allows teeth to move faster, which can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your treatment. Also, these self-ligating braces are less likely to retain food particles making them easier to clean. In addition, these braces use lighter and gentler forces to align your teeth faster and with less discomfort. Lastly, archwire changes are quick and simple because the archwires simply clip-in and out and there is no need to place or remove ligatures. This will reduce the number of appointments and the amount of time spent at each visit. If you are still worried about how you may look with traditional braces, check out our new lncognito™ braces that are placed on the back of your teeth making them virtually invisible!

Lingual Hidden Braces

These are the braces which are fixed to the teeth on the inner side, making them invisible. These are little bit inconvenient to the patient as they are near the moving tongue.

Clear Aligner

These are plastic wrap around type of plates which move the teeth. There are some obvious limitations in this type of treatment. Complex problems are difficult to treat with aligners.

Adhesive Coated Braces System

APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliance System is still the only orthodontic bonding system that precoated each bracket with adhesive. Clinical studies have shown that using the APC system can result in a statistically significant reduction in bonding time and provide fewer bonding steps resulting in a more efficient bonding environment.

At Deshmukh Orthodontics, Dr. Shailesh Deshmukh sometimes uses the technique of indirect bonding to place braces. Unlike the traditional method of placing brackets on your teeth one at a time, the indirect methods allows the placement of all 14 brackets on your teeth simultaneously. This offers you several benefits.

First, the procedure is more accurate and precise. Instead of stretching your cheeks and awkwardly trying to place brackets on your teeth, your brackets are first placed on a model of your teeth in the lab. A tray is formed over all the brackets and teeth, and then this tray is used to bond (glue) all brackets at once. This also saves you time since it takes much less time to place all the braces simultaneously. Finally, because the indirect bonding technique incorporates APC™ Adhesive Coated Appliances and Sondhi™ Rapid-Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive from world adhesive leader 3M, the bonding strength is outstanding, resulting in fewer loose brackets during treatment.

TAD System

In traditional orthodontics, molars (back teeth) are used as anchor points to move front teeth. Unfortunately, this may cause the molars to move as well, which is undesirable. TADs (also called Miniscre'W's) can be placed in the mouth to provide an independent anchor point to move teeth. The 3M Unitek™ TAD System, developed by Dr. Jason B. Cope, allows for a fixed anchorage point that can be used to move a single tooth or multiple teeth. TADs are quick and easy to place, most often with topical anesthetic only. They can be used to correct bites instead of rubber bands, headgears or even jaw surgery in some cases. TADs can make treatment faster, better or allow treatment that was previously only possible with surgery. They are truly remarkable and innovative.

Fatigue Resistance Device

Dr. Deshmukh makes use of advanced technology. 3M's Forsus® Fatigue Resistant Device is one such innovative mechanical advance.In the past, a headgear was needed to treat certain Class II cases, but now Forsus® provides the same benefits without the use of an orthodontic headgear. The spring provides a constant light force correcting your bite 24 hours a day, rather than wearing a headgear while sleeping, thereby making treatment faster. The Forsus® is positioned in the back of the mouth leaving it virtually invisible. It is installed quickly and easily at one appointment and remains in place between 3 and 6 months.

Laser Treatment

The Zap laser is a soft tissue diode laser system that was developed to recontour soft tissues without the cost and invasiveness of traditional periodontal surgery. Zap Lase procedures are performed using a high strength topical anesthetic to recontour gum tissue on orthodontic patients with gummy smiles (gingivectomy), level uneven gingival margins (gingivoplasty), or remove heavy muscular attachments (frenectomy). It also excels at treating cold sores by greatly reducing the amount of discomfort and time required to heal.

In addition, the Zap Laser has been FDA approved for temporary relief of stiffness and minor muscle and joint pain around the jaw. It also offers fast and easy teeth whitening in only 20 minutes! We use this technology because it is quick, painless, and doesn't require a referral to another specialist.