Our Clinic

State of the art Orthodontic treatment and Oral Cancer detection facility. Our office has an Associate who is a qualified Orthodontist and an all lady support staff of 8. The office follows a strict appointment schedule protocol and we are well known to follow our appointments diligently. Over the past 20 years our reputation has been enhanced by the fact that we value our patient’s time and the time of their parents’. It is very rare that the appointment time is not followed. We are extremely proud of our simple motto – “Be effective and efficient.”

Our value added personalized services are all designed to make the patients and the accompanying persons comfortable and relaxed. The office is equipped with all the latest technological advances and our endeavor is to give the most modern and best treatment to all our patients. Extreme hygiene is maintained in the clinic and the sterilization protocols are very strict and diligent. We have a dedicated sterilization room with the latest autoclave, dry heat sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaners, water distalizer, ultraviolet chamber, glass bead sterilizer, formalin chamber, etc.

  • Our laboratory is fully equipped with all the latest equipments.
  • Our dental chairs are state of the art and the water supply to them is with a highly pure “Reverse Osmosis” system. We are proud to say that we are the only office in Pune having such a facility.
  • All sanitary precautions have been taken very seriously.
  • Our support staff is highly trained in all sterilization protocols and is very efficient and of a very helpful nature.
  • The focus of our office is to provide an excellent ambience and a very pleasant experience along with a very effective and efficient orthodontic treatment.
  • We try our best to make your first visit to our office very pleasant and memorable. We strive to make our patients very comfortable and we assure you that you will encounter a very homely atmosphere.