My daughter Ms. Sharvari is taking treatment in ‘DeshmukhOrthodontic Center’. All the appointments are well planned & well executed in time. The whole treatment was explained well in advance. The experience so far is extremely good. Thanks to the expertise of the doctor, well behaved & well mannered staff. Very good ambience of the clinic too adds to the overall experience. Thanks Dr. Deshmukh.

Mrs. Nandini Deshmukh

My son Soumitra has been Dr. Deshmukh’s patient since May 2012. We have always had an extremely good experience at the clinic, be it the doctor’s expertise or the courteousness of his staff. Each treatment plan was explained in detail and we made an informed decision based on that. Thank you Dr. Deshmukh.

Mrs. Leena Tonapi

At first I was really afraid to put braces, but Dr. Deshmukh made the task so easy and pain free. Within days I could see improvement. I am really happy. Even the clinic is amazing!!!

Ms. Radhika Joshi

I can do it all right was what he said, and after that my journey started. Not so clear to talk, not so clear to smile, it was awkward for initially. Brush properly was what he said, after every appointment that I completed. Sometimes pain and swollen mouth, hexigel was the phrase he used to say, and I would feel that something was gonna change.
I saw his small clinic evolve into a big office. It was amazingly renovated and I was awestruck and unable to blink also. I amd a small poem -
Few months went plain,
when he surprisingly said it’s all in train.
Now I smile white, N not the silvery white.
I carry only bare teeth with me,
I feel the change in me!!!

Ms. Sayali Palkar

Dr. Deshmukh has a straight answer to crooked teeth. Both of my sons (Shantanu & Akshay) have had an excellent experience at his clinic. There is no compromise in professionalism. ‘BRACES’ yourselves for the treatment is bound to be a bit (ONLY A BIT) painful and in the end you will never regret smiling!

Mrs. Sharmila Tiwari